12 February 2011

Shineys and Interupts

Surely by now, everyone is at least aware that I have this "Ohhhh, Shiney!" affliction. I could be in the middle of a serious quest chain, fighting a small pack of mobs or even just flying to the next place I need to be when something catches my eye and waylays me off on a completely different objective. Herbs and fishing holes are prime attention grabbers, but not alone in the woods so to speak. At least, they only side-track me for a relatively short period of time. Not a big deal, right?

Another culprit (make the plural), would be the odd-ball achievements which suddenly show their face. Like just finishing up a batch of dailies and realizing I'm close enough to Org and still need that one fish for the Fishing Diplomat. *Minor thought reminder to self / me ally + horde heavy pvp server = time consuming multiple corpse runs.* Well, not enough of a deterrent obviously, as I'm flying in over the mountains tops and kitty stealthing large jumps down to a little out of the way nook next to a waterfall. All this to hopefully get a ten minute crack at that damn fish again. Getting in and when necessary, out of Org are the easy parts. Actually fishing for a whole minute or two is the real challenge. And let's not forget that bugged Limnologist achievement, (I KNOW I've caught ALL those damn fish before), still saying I need some bloated fish specimens. Okay, 'nuff said.

Other things that tend to waylay me fall into either useful or vanity grinds. Like faction reps. These can be useful, sometimes. Except for the time period I was grinding them just for the 20 faction exalts achievement. I never completed them during leveling so it was a "go back in time and grind them" sort of project. And don't get me started on the horrible rep grind for the Winterspring Frostsaber Mount. The vanity stuff usually involves completing some very old quests I didn't do back then, just because I desire some little companion pet which caught my eye. Or some, maybe unusual, mount. Most recently, this involved the three escort quests for the OOX-??? dohickey contraption. Why? That little adorable mechanical chicken at my feet.

Then we have: Archaeology. ATM, there are only two good things I can say about this addictive compulsion. One, Blizz buffed up the vendor payouts for the commons. WOOT! On patch day, I logged in to collect a quick 500 gold and gain some much needed bank space. Two; I now have 11 rares solved, which delight me to no end. Still haven't found the jar with the Sandstone Drake recipe as yet ;( but I am still spending hours at a time OCD digging away). And I mean, HOURS! Many, many HOURS! Oh yeah, those daily dungeons I should be running, actually want to be running...wait...there's a red spot on my map not far from here. Just one. It won't take that long. Really! Just one. Well, maybe I'll come up with THE jar this time.

Oh, and btw, my name is Solitudeone and I'm an altoholic.

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