13 February 2011

Taking it easy weekends

It's the weekend, or actually the end of it for me. I don't usually do much with Sol during weekends. Generally very high realm attendance, upswing in both server and home latency, low framerates. Big difference from week days when school is in session. So this is a time when Sol kicks back a bit from his regular routines. Archaeology and fishing pretty much rule the day. Perhaps some AH sightseeing, just in case there might be some great buyouts he can use somewhere. Or maybe something special for the alts.

Beyond all that excitement, the weekends are generally good for playing the alt kids. Their lower levels have them tucked away in various parts of Azeroth, usually questing zones that are fairly void of the higher population. At worse, occassional level cap gankers to deal with.

This weekend belonged to Kaimara, that uppity little human mage (frost/fire), whom has been sitting around a bit since the fun questing is over for her. Yep, she passed 60 a bit ago, now at 63 and touring Outland. She has covered a good part of Hellfire in spite of the gankers, so moved her squishey little self over to Zangermarsh. With all those over-grown mushrooms about providing quite a dense cover for ground movement, she's been able to run enough quests to make that jump from 61 to 63 without seeing nary another soul.

It is kind of odd though, not actually seeing anyone else about and yet, those pop up slap-you-in-your-face guild invites seem to find her on a regular basis. I really dislike that. No hello or anything. Just a blind guild invite out of nowhere. Same thing holds fairly true when she does run into someone doing the same quest she's on. No talk or hello, just that sudden group invite. I often wonder if it's because she's a mage and out there kicking butt all over the place, but she really isn't that arrogant. It's more likely just the general way of this server's population. Maybe? Could be? Whatever. If someone cannot find it in theirself to at least say hello, all their invites get quickly declined with the same rudeness in which they appeared. "Nuff said."

Kai, as I like to call her, did provide us with some recent screenies to add to our collection. We've got a new View from Above, a nice look at Honor Hold and that wonderful night sky. Kai also provided some recent shots of herself. After wearing her Tattered Dreadmist Robe for so long, she got the bug to try out her new Queen Azhara's Dressing Gown today. It actually looks rather nice on her. And she also showed off her new little questing home in Telredor. A nicely furnished little cottage so to speak, suits her rather well. Comfy pillows around, incense burners, what a nice get-away.

So what about you, have you got one of those nice little get away from it all places you like to camp out in? Or do you just call it "home" where ever you happen to be? Kai will set her hearth in the closest major city where she's questing, such as Shattrath for now. Being able to teleport to most anywhere else in Azeroth she needs to be is a plus. But she likes to spend her nights in some quiet place alone. Actually, many different places she discovers during her travels. Tonight, it was the pillows and incense.

Enjoy the screenies, and have a great week ahead!

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