19 February 2011

Still dressing it up

Just a little quickie update:

I'm still working on dressing up the blog a bit. Newly added things include a seperate page for "The Family". A brief description of my most regulary played characters in-game and a short 'why' I don't list everyone. Page tab at the top for ease of locating. I've also tried to include links for their most recent activities.

Another little goodie is that wowhead links should be mouse-over active. This looks like a great idea when I'm talking about more specfic items, quests and such that are part of the post.

Also in the mixer for near-future additions is a resource page. It is currently in the making and link checking stages and should appear before too awful long. There are so many great blogs and sites available for everyone and this seems like the best way for me to be helpful if even in a small way. Otherwise, MJ will pretty much remain as random and personal in it's posting as it has been.

Happy gaming everyone!

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