28 March 2011


I take time to enjoy a healthy smile or LOL every now and then. Besides all the great warcraft blogs floating around the blogosphere, there is a wealth of warcraft comics. This is from The Daily Blink website. Pop on over for a visit, enjoy the humor and art!

from The Daily Blink
Khrox finally managed to tame his first exotic pet last week.

The first exotic pet!

Would have been nice, but was a quest kill.

Hey, if you happen to be a BM hunter, let us know about your exotic tames!


  1. If you are looking for more rare pets and discussions of camping and taming them, you should definitely check out Dakona "The Huntress" (http://dakona.blogspot.com/)

  2. Hello and welcome Redcow!

    Thanks for the tip on Dakona, I'm looking over her site atm.