13 March 2011

Screenies-or-another compulsive hoarding attraction

Screenies: On the brink of 'Hoarder Compulsion'

Hellfire Skies

Every so often one of my counter-parts will find themselves at a sudden stand still in mid-run or flight, just to take a few moments to enjoy or dive into the awe and splendor of the view before them. For a (ahem..../clears throat) slightly older player, Blizzards' artwork and graphics are amazing. Or perhaps another appropriate term would be "awesomesauce." Such as the above view one first encounters in Outland. I've just loved this since the first day of BC, and every time I'm there, I see it in a different light.

"Count" Ungula
I've collected a few screen-shots over time. Mostly things for memory sake, some little personal project like comparing dps numbers in battlegrounds, etc., etc. Although, I've noticed lately I've been recording something of a history. Re: Khrox's rare pet taming collection efforts. There's also a small collection of Sol's "rare" status kills. And then there's his occasional companion pet or mount he adopted. Little things really, but a noticeable trend none-the-less. Like when Sol first started collecting the Tourney heirlooms for the alt kids. Some of it looked awesome enough on them that they screamed "Screenshot!"

So I've come to the realization that I am teetering on the brink of becoming an official "Hoarder." To such an extent that I even research new possibilities for various collections and avidly read about other players experiences. Sometimes, I even to find myself sub-consiously watching/camping or searching for some elusive beast or pet, while traveling through quest lines. And I must admit that with the availability of Azeroth flight now, bouncing all over the world is so much easier.

Just what sparked this realization of being a "closet hoarder?" Surely it was a culmination of several things. But I would really have to tag Saz (World of Saz), for prompting this post. Her most recent and in-depth 5-part series on mini-pets, "Hoarders: Azeroth Edition", is likened to a virtual gold mine for me. Yes, another compulsion to add to my growing list. I'm compulsive about quest story-lines (the lore of it all), odd companion pets that do little more than look cute and adorable, somewhat un-usual mounts, rare pets, rare kills, alts, and those little personal accomplishments in game, achievements. Am I obsessing over this? Well, perhaps not too far from it :)

So really now. What's your little hidden "compulsive hoarder within" up to these days? I think that most everyone probably has at least one thing they hoard in game, even if it's reaching that astounding gold cap. Admit it. You've got something. It's okay. This 'ol Night Elf will pat you on the back and offer comfort.

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