23 April 2011

Blogging egg hunts...

Before I go rambling on about my own little world, you should know that the "Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt - round 2" is just about to get underway!

Kamaila, over at kamaliaetalia, has inherited and taken up the reins for this great blog holiday adventure. It all sounds like great fun for both bloggers and non-bloggers to enjoy. Have I mentioned that it's "Great?" So okay bloggers, head on over to Kamaila's post for info to enter your blog and other such things. Time is short, must do by midnight UTC Saturday.

As for myself? Well, I've spent the past week on one of the 'alt' servers playing around with a young dwarf hunter who was SV specced. He was a bit lonely, untill a younger cousin showed up in the form of a female gnome mage, who happens to favor engineering/mining over his skinning/leatherworking. Both are into their 20's now and romping through the same zones back to back. There really is quite a difference in how each of them approach the same quests, and I've found it interesting to watch this comparison play out. I might try to document their respective experiences on one of their future quests, but no promises on that. Although, it might be interesting in some ways.

Both of these young ones are on their own so to speak. No sugar-daddy to support them, no heirlooms, no gold or even decent bag space. I did hope to keep it this way, but I found it necessary to find them at least a little help from above. Enter the unknown Nelf DK. At lvl 58, she does nothing more than mine and herb the lowbie EK zones. The mining is meant to help out both dwarf and gnome alike. Obviously for the gnomes' engineering, and the dwarf since he'll be needing deep rock salt which can only be mined now. The herb gathering is strickly for additional income off the AH. There is a particulary good market for them on this server, even for the beginning Silverleaf's and Peaceblooms. So, hopefully, metal bars, various salts and decent bags will be coming in soon.

So that's where I'm at for this moment in time. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and happy gaming!

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