19 April 2011

After The Storm

The calm after the storm:

So, my last couple of posts were pretty much agitated rants, more or less. My only consolation in hindsight, is that they were about myself. Not about other players, game mechanics or the 'dumb*** blizzard' posts so frequently found around the blogsphere. It still doesn't justify the posts or make them any better in my mind.

It's maintenance day once again, and some speculate that 4.1 just may hit live this week since I understand it was marked as a release candidate on the PTR some time last week. Some pretty interesting stuff coming from what I've read out and about.

Anyway, I've spent the past several days playing around on one of my "alt" servers. I remembered having a young dwarf hunter on one, which was the original inspiration for Khrox on the home server. Slightly different though as his beginning spec was in SV. I just left that as it was thinking about comparing the differences of leveling the two since Khrox is BM and without a second spec atm. (although he is long over-due on making the choice) Since this young, lone hunter has no companions or sugar daddy to help out, it reminds me of those long past times when Sol was alone in the world. So, I gave him a cousin in the form of a female gnome mage to follow in his tracks, keep him company. She is leveling quite fast as expected, only one level less than him now and they are working the same zone.

One would think that this would produce a boring, repetitive questing experience. Two characters close to same level working the same zone. Quite the opposite though. Even with the same quests before them, each one does see the terrain and monsters in a different light. Each one has to approach the objective and fight from the stand point of their respective abilities and the capabilities of their pets. It's rather interesting to see these differences play out together within the same game time playing period. Whereas the hunter will send in his fairly reliable tanking bear and not worry about the possibility of an occasional add or two, the mage has to plan on fighting for herself since her water elemental is nothing more than a little extra dps at this stage. The hunter can work his way out of a pull suddenly gone bad with several mobs aggro'd. The mage...well...she's learning to master blink, freeze...and corpse run.

It's been an enjoyable few days away from the home server. The change of mindset, and gameplay altogether has also shed some knowledgeable light on a number of things. I don't think this will actually be of any help to Sol's issues, but I highly reccomend this sort of change up in game play for anyone looking to "take a break". And as a special treat, you'll get personal bonus points for experiencing two different classes in the same situations. Try it, you'll like it!

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