16 April 2011

Out to pasture?

Please Note! This is not a QQ post, just a hard look at the reality side of game preformance.

After Sol's rock-bottom, and I'm sure quite embarassing preformance the other night, I'm taking another long hard look at putting him out to pasture. Just let him concentrate on farming and supplying the kids with all their needs.

Things have changed over the past three months. Sol used to be a viable force to be reckoned with. Not ubers or even great, but viable. The last couple of months of Wrath found him to be at the top of the damage meters in Wintergrasp, while holding down the second, sometimes third dps positions. When ganked by a horde, he had a fair chance of walking away, or at least giving them a run for their money. And, he could nuke down the monsters and beasts long before they even had a chance to touch him. His preformance in the few random dungeons he ran in was fair, usually near the top side numbers wise.

Cataclysm changed many things. Although he finished solo leveling to 85 with ease, learned his eclipse and spell abilities fairly well, and actually geared himself properly with the availability of loot-quest-faction rep pve stuff, things are just different now. Taking TBP for example here; Sol can't even get through a few dailys without getting ganked a dozen times. And those lurker spiders he used to nuke in a few seconds? Well, even with the same rotation, they now reach him with 80% health and he has to push them back just to start the rotation over again. They get to him a second time; he casts barkskin and hopefully finishes them off at his own loss of 30% health and mana. So much for nuking beasts anymore :(

Last month at the target dummies in IF, Sol was averaging 6.5k, single target dps. Here's what Grim Batol looked like for him the other night: (Yeah I know, *Fail Druid is Fail*. I can hear it resounding in my head) *Edit* ok, I forgot to upload the screen shot--trust me though-dps barely broke 4k.

I spent yesterday quietly thinking of all this while leveling up Kaimara's enchanting. And will continue comptemplating the situation over the weekend. If I play at all, it will be on one of the several alt servers I keep hidden away for such times. In fact, there happens to be a very young dwarf hunter and gnome mage tucked away that could use some love. I know many people considered or even went ahead and switched their mains with Cataclysm. I think Sol's preformance the other night just really hit home and opened my eyes. I think I need to stop procrastinateing over this, and bring the hunter and mage to the fore-front. If you want to toss your thoughts into all this, by all means feel welcome to.

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