14 April 2011

LFD: Terribad? Let me tell you...

about my night!!!

Some of you may remember a while back when I mentioned my first Cata dungeon run. It went well, I did ok-middle-of-the-charts and I didn't get the group wiped. I was actually kind of pleased with it, and felt that I may do better than my Wrath experiences.

Fast forward to this late afternoon/early evening.

I had spent the day with my second spec of bear tanking, trying to teach myself the basics. Then I notice near the end of it all, my guild leader had logged in. Because of the many time-zone differences amidst the members, this is the first time I've actually met her and conversed a bit. (except for the nice in-game mail she sent me about my promotion out of the newbies rank) Lo and behold, there were three of us logged in and she decided to run some dungeons, asking for preferance to heroic or regs. She even whispered me and asked if I was geared for heroics, which of coarse I'm not, and know it. Anyway, I accepted her invitation, and warned both that I had only done one so far. A quick look at my bags said I was low on pots and flasks, but had enough mats with me to make some on the fly. Off I went to who knows where.

First to pop up was the Lost City of the Tol'vir. Unbeknownst to me, my slow and painful downfall was just around the first corner. What seemed like an ordinary pack of trash proved to be fatal. Somehow, I got feared or something of that nature, and was sent running. Instinct kicked in and I quickly shape-shifted to break it, turn and run back towards the group. (3 guildies-two pugs) So I ran around this corner to reach them, and guess what was around the corner waiting? Some boss-type thing I didn't see of coarse, which proceeded to follow me a couple of steps to the group. Which he promptly and efficently decided to totally wipe. The pugs are screaming for me to get kicked! Even I whispered my GL and said sorry, I'm not ready good enough for this. She promptly whispered back, "No! you stay." And then told the pugs if they weren't happy with us, they could go. A little bit later we get to this "crocky" thing, or so they called it.

Now, I'm a ranged caster for a reason. I like to stand back out of reach and just nuke away the best I can. Bad position choice though, I wound up with three other crocs nibbleing at my heels while I'm trying to dps the big guy down. *cast Barkskin* To no avail though. Half-way to kill, the internet gods decide it's time to dc me. What's a little add injury to insult at this point anyway? It took awhile, but we finally finished it and I was ready to run and hide out for a bit. No such luck.

My GL caught up to me and insisted I join in for another, and in spite of my better judgement, I was off for another try.

Enter: Grim Batol.....need I say more?

Two new pugs with us, actually quite friendly from the start. This time around both the GL and guild mate were sending me whispers. Letting me know things I should be doing, like get the adds first, then boss. That sort of thing. This was helpful, which I followed with all good intentions of being better this time.

It's kind of dark in that place, at least for me and these old eyes. I eventually relied on making sure I was facing the right direction, and tab-targeting. Then the internet gods paid another visit with a welcome back to DC time. Worked my way back into the dungeon, apologetic all the way. Had to ride a dragon back up to group and the guild mate met me there to make sure I found them. So, down the so called pavement I ran. Turned onto the bridge to cross it. Half-way across there's a big chunck of bridge missing on one side. Yep'pers! I found that hole and prompty fell to a horribly embarassing death.

*F-A-I-L* Yes, it was the worst preformance Sol ever provided. All the things I ever hoped to avoid while in a dungeon group, came true this night. Every single one of them! Sol has had a dream for quite some time, of becoming good enough to be a part of a raid team. After tonight though, I strongly suspect that this is really a pipe-dream. A wisp of smoke which just wanders the air currents into nothingness.

On the bright side, have I mentioned how much I love the guild I'm in? If it were'nt for the patience and encouragement from my GL and guild mate, this was the kind of night I would just have walked away from the game altogether. At one point, my GL whispered me and said, "Everybody makes mistakes. It's just a game, it's not real life." I love this guild. Actually though, I love the people I'm getting to know in this guild.

Now, if I can only get better at this Druid thing.

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