11 April 2011

Maintenance + Professions = Break Time!

Sooooooo...it's once again coming up on that Tuesday maintenance day, and I'll say this, I REALLY need the break this time! I've been totally obsessed and tunnel-visioned with Kaimara and Khrox's professions beyond control. To such an extent, Kai has forgotton how to quest in her fire spec, and Khrox spends all his time with just some dailys and farming. Not a pretty sight for either of them.

It's hard to say which has been more obsessed than the other. Khrox with his leatherworking, or Kaimara with her enchanting. Both have been going through their respective problem areas, although I think Khrox has faired better so far. Although he's had skinning since like day one and stuffed his bank to over-flowing with various leathers along the way, he didn't enter the leatherworking profession until he dinged 65 (might have been a little later than that). Easy-peasy, he thought. Bank full of leather, back-up supplies with one of the bank alt brothers. No prob. Khrox didn't read any of the profession guides, he just jumped right in the thick of it, and thick leather became the first casuality where he had to go back and farm, farm and farm some more. In spite of his stock piles, each progression of leather meant even more farming. Yesterday, he was 3 skill pts. short of 350, and spent most of today farming mats and checking the AH for other supplies needed to make those stinking 3 points. Now, the concentration and focus is on Northrend. /shudder! He's 74 now. Has been skill capped for some time in skinning, but has to wait for that magical level of 75 to start skilling that up again. And yes, Arctic Fur is high on his list. (not to mention the rare/exotic pets he's still camping)

Kaimara's enchanting. It was so bad for such a long time that she was on the edge of abandoning this profession. This sorry state of affairs came to an end fairly recently though, since daddy Sol had joined a guild. He enjoys his membership there so much, and the Moral Officer is such a great person, that both Khrox and Kaimara have been invited to join as well. Our Moral Officer took it upon herself to send along bunches of cloth and DE fodder for Kaimara to work with. This has proven to be the medicine Kai needed, and she is now well into bringing her enchanting skills up to level. Her other profession is tailoring, and she has always excelled there. Able to craft many speciality bags that are seldom seen in the AH, and keeping everyone else supplied with the stock Netherweave Bag. Tailoring is great. It provides her with a modest and steady income from the AH.

So, what is daddy Sol up to lately? Pretty much nothing. He's farming herbs for flasks, fishing and cooking to help the guild out with several achievements. Still comptemplating his caster abilities and strongly considering switching over to his feral bear side. It has nothing to do with the recent "Call to Arms" dungeon thingy and all the hull-a-balou going on about it. Sol is just of age now and is looking for that special spark to set him on fire again. Joining the guild is perhaps the best thing to happen to him since Cata became live. He really enjoys helping people out, and there are lots of other friendly and helpful members.

Well, this little misfit family batch certainly hopes your own maintenance day break is a good one. Have fun everyone!

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  1. I was debating either herb/alch or tailoring/ench on my baby mage. I went for the first combination after realizing I wouldn't mind being able to make that drake :)

  2. Sil- good luck on that drake! Sol has max herb/alch & archaeology....and still looking for the elusive vial.