09 April 2011

Where to go - What to Do?

Ahhhh! Another Saturday morning. The usual thoughts are swirling around those floating fragments of my mind, much like those floating rocks in Netherstorm Khrox keeps reminding me of. He has a couple of dailys in his list that keep him visiting the nether reaches, plus his on-going hunt for some rare chimera. Sol just leans back in his comfy chair and shrugs off the innocent travels of his kids. At times, it certainly seems like they have no concerns over the conditions of Azeroth these days.

As he sips his morning coffee and settles a bit deeper into his chair, a knowing "hrummpph" becomes audible. Those kids are in for a rude awakening when the full force of the Cataclysm rears it's life-altering head. Regaining his original thoughts, he wonders about where to go and what to do in Azeroth today.

The world has been buzzing for a few days now over the dungeon finder changes the game gods have tossed out recently. Sol's second spec happens to be centered around tanking bear, although he hasn't really developed that side of himself to any extent. Is it really worth all the efforts and work to do so? Is the dungeon group finder really any better than the times of Wrath? And as the Azeroth community at large goes, well, according to BBB, the offerings (bribes) of the game gods just don't cut it. And then there's Lodur over at World of Matticus speculating about this Call to Arms: Dungeon Finder.

Such is life these days in Azeroth. Sol has been comtemplating his standing in Azeroth of late. Well, actually a couple of months now. Just can't make up his mind what to do. Vidyala, (Manalicious), has tossed another log into the fire of his thoughts though with this interesting and colorful post: "Who's the Boss?" *colorful*, as in Screenies! Rounding out this morning's wake-up coffee, someone new in Sol's magical travels of mind reminds him that there seems to be a bit of RP'er in everyone. Admitted or not. Akabeko, over at Red Cow Rise shares thoughts about his alts knowing each other.

Well, the coffee mug is empty and Sol thinks it's about time for a refill as he works his way towards the Azeroth portal.

Enjoy your journeys today!

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