06 April 2011

Shared Topic Time!

Kamalia suggests: "do your alts know each other?" "I've always considered that my various characters know each other. Each one of them may not personally know every single one of the others, but they are all connected in a web of family and friend relationships...If your characters do know each other, what kind of relationships do they have, and how did those relationships come into being? If they don't, what functions do your different alts serve?"

I love this week's suggested topic, and will have difficulty trying to keep it from becoming a wall of text. Not that I'm an RP'er, which I'm not. More because, all my characters in game have their distinct personalities, habits and 'family' traits. In past posts, I've spoken of the many alts as "Sol's Kids." Perhaps a bit of background here will help, so join me after the jump and get to know a bit about the family.
First off, with Sol being the only level capped player thus far, he has taken on the roles of both "dad" and something of a "clan leader." Being a Nelf, he is about as aloof as they come so there is no prominate wife or SO to speak of. His trail of kids seems to just be there. It grows and dwindles in numbers like some sort of cycle of life thing. True to his title, "The Explorer," he has pathed all of Azeroth and beyond making for somewhat sure steps where ever any of his kids wish to travel. Also true, he has certainly made many mistakes over his years for the kids to learn better from.

After the first two months of playing WoW, it became fairly obvious to me that alts were actually something of a necessity. It started out quite innocently. Make an alt for both the experience of something new, and to cover a compatable, helpful profession for Sol. This was the spark though, that lit up the family hearth which quickly grew into that warm fire where everyone gathered 'round in the evenings. Trade goods and treasures from the day's activities were shared or passed to whomever needed them the most atm. Sol would settle back in his over-stuffed comfy chair and listen to each of the kids daily adventures. Their successes, failures and/or problem areas. The night would end with each kid sharing their planned adventures for the next day, and Sol in his greater wisdom and experience, would know what he needed to do. Wheather to adventure off on his own, or camp out in a zone where one of the kids was having difficulties with those pesky horde gankers.

Of all the alt kids which have come and gone, some have become rather tightly knit together. Of them all, Kaimara has shined as 'Daddy's Girl.' She is also the most responsible and generally helpful family member, be it making clothes for the younger ones or working her enchanting magic for them. Like her daddy, she is highly independant and protective of her brothers and sisters. Un-like daddy, she never learned to exercise caution, and has no fear of treading through enemy zones to accomplish what ever she desires. Her chosen ways of human mage-dom have provided Kai with vast amounts of both satisfaction and pleasure. Cold-hearted and calculating with her frost magic, or bounceing about gleefully as she sets her target/enemy on fire- - -several times over.

If there is such a thing as 'daddy's boy', this would be the realm of Khrox. Now then, this dwarf child of Sol's meanderings has freely given many times over, both laughter and puzzlement to the family. He holds a goodly portion of the family's independant nature, and yet, is quick to bounce between his humour and ways of wisdom. As a BM hunter, he can be either quite helpful, or a deadly adversary to come across. His love of pets and the outdoors are so embedded within his nature that you'll rarely find him inside a city for more than 15 minutes. Khrox is really the youngest of all the siblings, as far as actually coming into the world of Azeroth. But for the past month, he and Kaimara are apparently taking great pleasure in keeping the family wondering as to who is the eldest at any given point of time.

All of Sol's kids have had their various times of stepping up into the spotlight for their 15 minutes of fame. Other than Kaimara and Khrox though, the rest have settled into the various forms of management needed to provide for an over-all cohesiveness and bond of the family affairs and estate. Silent, yet active and growing. There, when someone needs them. Not exactly the Brady Bunch nor a clan of misfits. Just "family."

TL;DR: "Do your alts know each other?" Well, they may never be actually standing together somewhere in Azeroth, but yes, they do know each other quite well. They do cross paths and, they are an eccletic and eccentric "family."

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Enjoy! ~Sol


  1. Fabulous mental image there of your main in his armchair listening to all the "kids" tell him what they've been up to :D

  2. I love the idea of the 'kids'!!

  3. Kamalia-Thanks so much for coming by! I really enjoyed this topic, wonderful suggestion.

    Sil-The way Sol takes care of them all, it kinda sorta is like raiseing "kids". And with this crew, well, kids will be kids :)