25 July 2011

Photo Op----Deathwing!!!

That's right! After becoming a blackened dwarf just a short time back, Deathwing made a return trip to the same area today and blessed me with his permission for a photo opportunity, minus the scorching!

Deathwing in person!
Okay, I am one happy camper now. Got my own personal photo shoot!

Not long after that excitement, I blundered into this big guy--

One of those---OMG's!
I was quite fortunate while gazing at this fellow for the second time around, (he one-shot me and pet that day), to witness a guild group come by to take him down. {not my guild :( } I didn't time it, but seemed like the better part of 10 minutes for the fight. It was better than watching a boss vid for me, to hover at a small distance overhead and see what all was going on.

And in case you've missed it, Khrox is sporting a new hair style these days.

Khrox and his Crimson Lasher
Well, "Go with honor," friends. Tomorrow is maintenance day, once again.


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