24 July 2011

Recap....and guild change?

The past couple of weeks in game have been filled with something of a determined set of activities which have become somewhat routine. For the most part, this has generally been rewarding. In-so-far-as; being able to obtain some new gear along with various achievements, new mount and a couple of companion pets.

It has also been a time mixed with some frustration and moments of anger (which are now humorous). At the moment, all this leaves us with one very active Dwarf faced with making a choice to change guilds, or not. Exactly how all this fits into one simmering cauldron can only be described as: "World of Warcraft." It's an extreamly large world filled with just about anything one can imagine possible.

On the lighter side of this world: during this time period I've caught myself inside of a strange form of progression (or digression perhaps). The sudden realization that for a few moments, I was actually a tad angry and vocally yelling many obsenities at pixel people on screen. This is one of those, OMG!!! I'm Yelling At Game Pixels revelations. For someone who generally has all the bases covered with a coat of "it's just a game" attitude, this is one revelation I was not prepared for. Fortunately, I did not go the next step and actually type those strings of obsenities into the chat box, thereby becoming no better than the socially inept, ignorant jerkbutts I was yelling at. I laugh at myself now, though I have to wonder how I came into this state of being.

Khrox runs a simular pattern each day in game. 25/25 dailys, starting with Firelands (14or15), cooking/fishing (2), with the balance generally going to Tol Barad. Then it's on to battleground considerations. He tries to get at least two TB's done, hopefully three. The honor points alone mean a new piece of gear about every other day. The TB's will get mixed in with some Arathi Basin's, some leather farming, and maybe some random bg's if a guild mate is online. Not knowing most of the battlegrounds, I tend to favor the guidance the more experienced guild mate provides when a new one for me pops up in the random. He's good. I learn the layout and objectives much easier this way, compared to just reading about them. I guess that's my personal learning curve, :)

There is still a thorn in my side though, and that is the guild itself. Out of respect and some sense of loyalty, I won't go into details here, but these are very difficult times for me. For one who has spent most of his WoW life as a solo-reclusive player, I've come to love this guild and it's become like a family-sort-of-thing for me. So much so, that I've become a veteren status member, weekly leader in contributions of guild activity points, etc. You get the picture.

Over the past ten days though, I've been watching the guild fall apart. This brings a great sadness over me that I wish just wasn't so. Generally, most of the officers and GL will usually talk with me on the side about guild things. It took some time though, this go around, but bits and pieces of info are floating my way. Long story short: disagreements between GL, several officers and high ranking members blew up into a rageing fire which fueled the departure of many key members. And, the GL has openly stated that she will be mostly AWOL now. I haven't seen the GL in a week now. In fact, during my regular log in times, the guild has been like a vast no mans land.

One other member and myself, are quietly watching these proceedings, kind of hoping the guild will work it's way through the mess and survive. It's not looking good though, and the guild's viability is questionable. Some of the departed members have privately whisper'd me since the blow-up. Generally speaking, the concensous of these private talks go along the lines of: the GL is only serving her own interests (not those of guild or members), and I'd be well advised to look for another guild.

Starting over with another guild at this point, when I've worked so hard for this guild, seriously, is not something I'm looking forward to doing. The outcome of this mess is somewhere in limbo. I know I'll have to make a choice, probably in the very near future. I'm not a happy camper about that.

Have you been faced with this kind of a choice to make? How did you feel, and how did you make the choice?


  1. When my first guild blew up, it was a serious mood-killer for me. In my case, the guild ended up splitting into two separate factions, so I technically had an option between 2 new guilds, but then was faced with the drama-making need to pick sides. If you like the defecting players, keep in touch with them and see where they end up guild-wise. You may be able to piggyback on their invite! Hopefully your current guild will pick itself back up after the blowout, but if not, remember that good guilds are out there and if you look long enough you can find a place to call your own!

  2. Redcow- Hi! Thank you for your thoughts.

    Everyone seems to have gone their seperate ways :(

    The GL has remained AWOL, almost two weeks now. Guess I should start looking elsewhere. It's just a real bummer.

    Life, and game, go on though. So hunter Khrox is now hunting guilds...lol

  3. Oh Sol, I'm sorry to hear that. My hunter went through a succession of guilds after the first left in the night.

    I hope Khrox finds a new home that fits if it comes to that, what's the guy you do BGs with going to do?

    And oh, I am so jealous not only did Khrox get Stood in the Fire but then Deathwing models for him for a perfect screen shot, Arrggh!

  4. Hey Ancient!

    So far we're both in a watch and wait mode to see if the guild will survive or go dormant. We both have a lot of time and effort invested, so it's hard to jump ship. Although, the outlook is bleak, atm.

    Deathwing- Now, what are the chances of two sightings in the same area only about a week apart? This was pure luck my friend. Just keep your eyes open for that "red sky" to appear. Be prepared to move quickly :)