09 August 2011

Hindsight is 20/20 ?

Every so often I try to evaluate my percieved progress in this game. It's not the easiest thing to do, especially for one who has many "doorways of lost memories." The odd part of doing this is knowing I'm at the best I've ever been in this game, though I perhaps still fall quite short of being good. /heavy sigh   It's just a game. Right?

With that said and done, there is still so much more of the game I hope to experience. Sol never made it into any PvE raid content, maybe one of the kids will, sometime in the future. It's one of those little goals I'd like to see happen someday. Khrox is probably the best one going at the moment, but his abilities (my capabilities) are firmly set in PvP game content. Kaimara, the mage, is perhaps the best suited for PvE but has been sitting dormant at level 78 for the past month. Then there's that odd little gnome priest steadily coming up the family ranks. Odd, in the respect that he's thinking of healing battlegrounds. Lol, until now, I've easily avoided all healing specs. Anyway, there are a lot of options and opportunities available.

Khrox really wants to progress in his PvP area though, and has been rampaging through a few battlegrounds daily. His former guild, (yes, he did /gquit yesterday) did not offer any opportunities for PvP progression (or any progression for that matter), so he is currently guildless. A long procrastnated decision, but finally made. The past two weeks have found him chatting with various members of a prospective guild, which is quite PvP focused. The move seems like it would be good for him, or maybe not. We can only try it out and hope for the best.

There's this old saying about not putting all your eggs into one basket. Well, I pretty much did that when Sol broke away from his solo game style. He and two other main alts were put into the same guild. Now, all three are guildless. Having broken out of that long standing solo play style, I find this guildless situation not setting very well with me. I've heard and read that many players will spread their alts about in different guilds, and I can see some logical wisdom in doing so. With the changes that Cata has brung about, there are so many new guilds on this particular server, with more coming into life each week. At this point, with all that's transpired lately, I probably would be well advised to seperate some of the kids.

That about covers the past week for Sol's family. Overall, things are generally good and what's past is now done. Now, I'm off to find me a battleground healer's blog, to see if I can learn something new. If you have any suggestions, don't be bashful. :)


  1. I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out with your guild.

    Back in the day when I joined guilds I never put any alts in them, I was always, wait and see how it goes first.

    I never did understand why people had different characters in different guilds but now I can see that that might not be such a bad idea.

    Here's hoping you find a new guild that's a good fit for Khrox!

  2. Hi! Thank you.

    Yes, it is a good lesson learned to not bring alts in right off, no matter how good the guild seems at the time.

    Khrox has been checking out a particular guild to join. Things look hopeful. Sol will most likely remain quildless now. Kaimara, the mage, will find a different road to travel.

    *Gratz* on your challange progress!!!