13 August 2011

Saturday update:

Saturday update: guilds--Khrox had been guildless for several days, 4 or 5 I guess. During that time the usual, expected surge of guild invites materialized.

Now, over time I've developed something of a standard practice with guild invites. Those that pop up in my face out of nowhere, with not so much as even a hello attached: DECLINED! Not even a second wasted to think about it. Then there's those kind of invites with some courtesy of an attached whisper. Usually along the lines of, "Join us if you like bacon", "Join us, don't be a jerk" (questionable as to meaning), and so on. Anyway they range from kinda dumb to smartass lines. Result: DECLINED.

Out of the dozen or so invites that came by, only one held any sort of decency/respect in the approach. This guy whispers me and politely asks if I'm looking for a guild. No pop up invite, just a respective whisper. Now, this surely deserved a respectful answer in return. So I kindly informed him that I was waiting for a response from another guild atm, but would certainly keep him in mind. He seemed agreeable to that answer, and did not try to push for anything more. I actually wrote down the guild name for memory sake.

I spent the next 10 minutes watching trade chat. Although a dispicable channel, one can really learn a lot about people who do use it. Low and behold! That same nice person who showed respect in their invite approach, was rageing through the channel in all his true glory. No respect, no honor, demeaning folks left and right, language from the bottom of the gutter, the whole shot. For the two possible good points he gained during his invite whisper, he lost a hundred points in chat. Scratch that guild.

Before all this, I had been casually chatting with a prospective guild. First, the co-gm's. Then over a few days time I chatted with various members I came across. This guild seemed to fit what I was looking for in a guild. Friendly, pvp orientated, and plenty of active members on anytime I logged in. The gm's had taken a couple of days off for real life work, so I was waiting for their return to ask about joining. Wasn't a long wait really. When the main gm did come on, I sent a /wave to her. A few seconds later, she had obviously noticed I had left my guild and there was an immediate invite up for me, which I gladly accepted. I've been spending my time since just kind of getting to know people. Things are going well so far, and I think Khrox has found a new home.

Upon the gm's suggestion, I did end up installing an add-on mod, called preformav. I guess this allows for the group leaders to do a one button mass invite for raid groups. This guild does a lot of arena and rbg's. That went easily enough. Later though, I did have some difficulty with the vent set up, and ended up missing my first opportunity for an arena match. I did get to listen in on a couple of matches though. LOL, they sounded like some vicious battles. I'm looking forward to attempting some of these even more now.

I did discover something about myself today though. Another guild member asked me along on some dungeon runs. Over like what seemed two hours worth, ending up in the Black Temple. My discovery during this? I don't think I'll be persueing much pve. In fact, imho, I did not do well at all. Died like four times. Almost 30g in repairs afterward. Yes, that bad. :( Heck, my bg repairs are seldom higher than 2g.

All in all, it's been an interesting week in Azeroth. This ol' dog is learning some new tricks to play with, and life in WoW is once again enjoyable.

"Go with honor, friends."


  1. I'm glad Khrox found a new home and that he's found his true calling, PvP!

    Yes, what is up with all the guild invites that just pop open without a word. Ironsally has been having problems with that, lol, she had it happen three times in quick succession once and almost died trying to decline while fighting.

  2. Thanks Ancient! I really hope it works out for him.

    A little tidbit; as I recall there is a place in your interface options where you can block "guild invites." lol, I've done it on a couple of my alts, the bankers and the 'test dummies' :)

  3. Thanks Sol, I never noticed that, whew. Ironsally can continue uninterrupted now.