21 August 2011


Of the many things I love about World of Warcraft, there is that underlying current of seemingly endless possibilities for gameplay. If you tire or stall out in one area, there always seems to be something else to do or give a go at. Wheather it be a new race/class combo, a different road to travel for some personal challenges or somewhere inbetween.

Khrox has seen a ton of playtime over the last several months, almost ten of them I think. He raced from level 30 to 80, to be ready for the big Cataclysm release. His PvE dreams got altered somewhere between 80-85, he now concentrates solely upon the PvP world. Kaimara, the gutsy mage, has been hanging out in Dalaran during all this, doing nothing more than supplying occasional tailoring needs. She seems to be stuck at lvl 78. Sol, although he completed the Argent Tourney grind, grew to hate it. Khrox skipped it all together, and Kai will probably follow suit. Sol eventually decided to retire and concentrate on his Alchemy skills.

Last Thursday, Khrox was enjoying some new battleground experience with his gm and other guild mates. He saw Isle of Conquest for the first time, got several achievements and overall had his fun killing or maiming Horde. Thunderstorms set into the area though. A couple of dc's and afternoon power outage put an end to the fun though.

All these events though, and the weekend coming into being, led to the totally unexpected meeting between Cle and Zen'Kiki. Who the heck is Cle you ask? Well, he's a baby gnome shadow priest at the moment. Kinda sitting on the bench at level 29, just waiting for an opportune moment to shine.

Cle-lvl 41
After the delay of thunderstorms and power outages, his moment arrived. At lvl 30, he completely redid his spec just so he could grab his shadow form. He also snatched up his duel spec specialization, adding Disc to his arsenal. Slightly long story shortened, he is now level 41. Wheather he knows it or not, Cle has three main goals kinda-sorta-pre-determined for him. Of coarse, he's going to become THAT shadow priest. You know, the one that those horde will eventually both fear and respect. Second goal: to also become an accomplished bg healer. The one spec I've never really tried, or even had any desire to try. The third goal, Loremaster. And this one is where Zen'Kiki entered Cle's world.

With the exception of Loch Modan, where Cle somehow missed a few quests, he has been making sure to milk each zone for it's achievement towards Loremaster. The Wetlands, Arathi, Hinterlands and Western Plaguelands have all fallen prey to this little spriest. And ravaged as well, since no skinnable beast or node of ore has been left untouched. Or so it seems anyway.

Western Plaguelands: enter Zen'Kiki. Somehow with all the many alts who have passed through this zone, Zen'Kiki the Druid was an unknown quest, until Cle swept though the zone. Zen'Kiki is a 'troll-wannabe-druid' in training with the Cenarion Circle, and Cle got tasked to assist with his training. I really don't wish to spoil this quest and it's follow up for anyone who hasn't done it, yet. And if you haven't done it, go back and do it! This has got to be the all-time, drag the npc along, most halarious-fun quest I've ever come across. And this comes from one who generally dislikes dragging npc's around. You will come to love Zen'Kiki, and all his misfortunate ways and comments. You will probably even wish to keep him around while you finish out the zone, which is possible from what I've later read about him. Zen'Kiki, is THAT MUCH FUN! In all my years of playing this game, I cannot recall a time when I've actually spent that much quest time ROFLMAO. Maybe because of my experiences with Sol, idk. Anyway, this is a really fun quest to do. So if you're into doing Loremaster, just plain missed this one along your way or would just like to do something fun for a change....the quest can be picked up here. Go talk to Adrine Towhide at the Mender's Stead in Western Plaguelands. ( 48.8, 54.8 )

I've read that there is at least one more such fun quest around. When Cle finally leaves the EK and heads over to Kalimdor, he'll have to make sure to find it.


  1. I'll have to try that quest, I need a fun break from being an Ironman. It'd be nice to go somewhere on my main and feel overpowered!

  2. Hey Ancient!

    It was a fun quest. It's been a very long time since I've come across such a quest that had me laughing every few moments.

    I hear that there is another one in Un'goro Creater somewhere. Some guy who thinks the lizards (or raptors?), are all dragons?!? Cle hit lvl 50 tonight, so I just might sidetrack him over that way for a bit.