27 August 2011

Pot Luck

Golly Gee, it's Saturday morning, again. It's the one morning each week I actually think about making a post...and sometimes actually do it! :)

Really though, I generally manage to go through my reader most nights of the week. Then I wander through some news sites, like MMO Champion for example. And, if I'm not too awful tired by then, I'm off to various other WoW sites to see what's going on. I most always come up with some subject thoughts for posts which stir around this fragmented mind for a bit but then seem to get lost. /Blame those "Doorways to Lost Memories."

Today, a little different approach. I'm going to lightly touch upon some of those random thoughts. Perhaps some will get expanded into full posts at a later time, (or perhaps not), we shall see.

Transmo-whatever-it-is stuff: This is perhaps the most currently written about change coming to the game that the majority of players and bloggers seem excited about. That in itself, is a FoS on blizzards' part. In a nutshell, you can have your current gear transformed to look like some much older gear set you like the looks of. The only minor drawback for some would be the requirement that you have in your possession the desired gear set. At least on my 'home' server though, this has caused a sudden rush of many pug groups to start farming an array of old world instances. I even see guilds setting aside special nights for nothing but old world content. Along with this little gem that's likely to produce some interesting eye-candy in game, another well accepted addition with 4.3 will be Void Storage. Long awaited extra storage for all those soul-bound-just-gotta-keep items everyone tends to collect along their travels through Azeroth.

Deathwing: hmmm, split decision here. Some say "finally!", the rest are like "already?" This is going to bring with it a couple of new instances which lead to the actual encounter with Deathwing himself. No real hints as to the identity of the bosses as yet. But the real news here is a smaller blue post which states that there will follow, a world event which has to do with the next expansion. And since the subject of blue posts popped up:

Some interesting tidbits here, as close as I can remember them. Things I've come across at the Battle.net community site. One blue poster commented about the way Cataclysm channeled all the players into either Stormwind or Org...and that this turned out to be one of those ~not such a good thing~ in retrospec. I wholly agree with this, and I gather that Blizz is looking into ways to change this for the next expansion. So much of Azeroth seems deserted and void of players now, even many major capitol cities. It would be good to see everything all active again.

Darkmoon Faire: Excitement ++ in my book! Reading through all the blue info about the changes coming to the DF has got me really looking forward to the opening of the new Darkmoon Island. I think Khrox is the only one who actually tried to do some things here, at least a little bit, but the fortune teller in me foresees many new adventures ahead.

These are just a few of the things which have wandered through the fragments lately. How about you? What has stirred up your interests recently?


  1. Oh! Definitely the revamped Darkmoon Faire. I always loved it and it was so sad to go there and find it deserted for the last few years.

    I'd usually stop by and at least get my fortune told since they went to all that trouble to set-up those tents!

  2. Hey Ancient!

    Darkmoon Faire for sure. Khrox tried it for the first time last month and actually came up with about 200 tickets making supplies from his leather-working prof.

    It sounds like the new DMF will have all sorts of things to do.