08 September 2011

What to craft next?

Khrox has been taking a bit of a break lately, he's been feeling a little battle-worn. As part of his R&R, he's tail-gateing little cousin Cle in Outland, making sure he is well and fully supplied. I don't, (probably could'nt anyway), duo-box. It's just a matter of logging in and out between them. Anyway.....Cle has entered Netherstorm now, making that final push towards Northrend.

I have this strange bug about professions. If I hang up for any reason skilling them up, I drop them and move on to something else. There are times to be stubborn, and other times when beating your head against the keyboard just isn't worth it. A recent example would be Kaimara, she had tailoring and enchanting. Enchanting mats in Northrend became a real grind to get hold of, so she dropped it and concentrated upon her tailoring. Doing soooo much better now!

Cle had two gathering professions up into level 60, then dropped one in favor of engineering. It worked out great. At 68, his mining is well above his level and his engineering can't really advance anymore until he's in Northrend. Since he really don't need anymore Outland ores, he's taken to just stockpileing them for possible AH sales. As with many servers, there are so few people leveling through Outland and Northrend that mats for any profession are at all time highs. On Spinebreaker in particular, the population seems to have taken a rather large dip. Not good for the economy, especially Ally side, but these things tend to ebb and flow over time. Consequently, banking extra mats is always a good thing.

On the other hand, Khrox is fully maxed on all his chosen professions, as is Sol. Although Kai is stuck in Northrend, she is able to tailor some level 80-85 outfits. So all the attention and pressure falls upon little Cle to make good with his engineering. But it's all fun. Nothing like a little shadow priest who can sneak about throwing bombs at mobs, and then letting out a psycic scream to send them all running while he's tormenting them to death. After all, there's always the fall-back of Power Word: Shield, and run like the wind if things get a little out of hand. :p It all comes down to this: Gnome Shadow Priest + Engineering = Devious Fun! Speaking of which....it's time to go sow havoc in some battlegrounds, again.

What professions are you finding fun these days, or annoying? Are they making you enough gold to get by on, or laying around stealthed? Do you find yourself changing professions to suit your characters' needs?


  1. Engineering really is the most fun. My rogue couldn't wait until she could make a Gnomish Battle Chicken and she used it, lol!

    Enchanting is stalled right now for me at 523. She needs a bunch of Greater Celestial Essence and I don't want to buy them so she just on hold for now. I'm going to be cheap and wait for the rest of the crew to send her stuff to DE.

  2. Welcome back Ancient!

    With Kai, it was the constant need of infinite dust, there just seemed to never be enough DE fodder, even with the rest of the family sending her everything they got their hands on.

    Cle has made it to Northrend now, and is slowly gathering mats for his turbo-charged flying machine. Although he is concentrating on essentials for skill-ups, he does enjoy and play with all his "toys" :) *especially the bombs--/shudders he worries me with this obsession lol