25 September 2011

Oh what a time it's been...

...with both the game and myself. I still play as much as always, albeit, in different ways...again. :)

I've noticed that I seem to have this hurdle in the game which I never quite get over. In a nutshell, I get one of my other selfs to level cap, set an end game coarse of expectations for them then run into this hurdle. Or more like stone wall. Everything seems to just stall out at that point and I then run through an array of alts trying to figure out how to get past that point. I've pretty much accepted that this is due to my own personal abilities more than anything else.

Then there's those times when I realize that from leveling different alt's professions along the way, I simply run clean out of any bag and bank space. An on-going problem that only gets solved one way, make another bank alt. It's a vicious circle my friends.

The problem with bank alts is that I love, REALLY LOVE, questing. Running through Azeroth, single-handedly setting the world right by killing all sorts of monsters and badies. Which means that they generally seem to grow up. Bank alts of mine generally take on nothing more than gathering professions to sort of help pay their way. If they do age to level 60, then they're allowed to accept a crafting profession. Hopefully at that point, one of their brothers, sisters or cousins has enough crafting mats stored up to give the new crafter a good hold on things.

Kaimara (human mage) is a pretty good example of this vicious circle. She started out as a bank alt back when, but did have two crafting professions, tailoring and enchanting. Enchanting mats became rather scarce and difficult to farm, so it got dropped. Then she got stuck in Dalaran, one bar into level 78, then proceeded to collect dust while brother Khrox stormed ahead.

Khrox (dwarf hunter) is actually "younger" than Kaimara in the timeline of things, but he forged ahead and proceeded to level cap. Here again, mining and skinning were his mainstays until level 61 when leather working came about. With what mats he had stored up, along with another cousins' gathering mats, leather working capped out rather quickly over his final push to 85.

Alisym (Nelf mage) is about (but not) the only one who still pretty much just banks regulary, holding all the extra cloths, bags and gems everyone else comes across. Then comes Cle (gnome spriest). His mining and skinning turned into mining and engineering, and he is coming up in the ranks rather quickly. His only problem lies in the mining though. He does come up with a lot of elemental stuff in the process. Motes of this, crystallized that and now volitiles. This is okay, but where to put them? They are needed by several family members. Sol with his alchemy, Kaimara uses them in tailoring, and Khrox in leather working. Even Cle has some use in his engineering. Back to the vicious circle, enter Ariannia (Nelf hunter), banker and level 20 atm. You see where this is going? There is one other banker sitting in the fold, a human priest. Everyone except the newly adopted Ariannia is over level 50 and playable if so chosen. And that's only on the Spinebreaker realm. ROFLMAO!!! Sol used to have his own personal guild bank, kinda sorry he gave it up now.

Well now, how's Azeroth treating you these days? Eleven or so million people might think it belongs to them, but when one of my family members pop in, it's all theirs. And, btw, in order to attempt to break the vicious circle thing, Ariannia is being limited to banking, skinning, and being the official achievement hound. Right now, she's 14/1352 (1%) LOL


  1. Hi Sol!

    I do have a personal bank but I need to buy a third tab as it's full. I hate to get rid of anything as I just know an alt is going to need it.

    It took me forever to realize that I just like leveling. My home server is full, next one has seven characters and there are two or three characters on two or three more servers!

    Won't be long before I hit the 50 character limit!

  2. Hey Ancient- lol! I'm not close to the 50 limit as yet, but do have alts spread out on 4, (or is it 5?) servers. Spinebreaker is just busy for now cause I'm close to my third 85 there.