01 October 2011

Kaimara's Spree

Kiamara at level 85! Decked out in her newly crafted pvp gear.

Gotta love this hat!

After a long, uneventful time of sitting in Dalaran as a fresh 78, Kai got to spread her wings over the past week. Icecrown, for the most part, fell to her frost laden powers providing the push needed to start the Cataclysm zones. She hasn't fully completed any of them just yet. Mt. Hyjal has seen enough done though, to allow for the Firelands events. Deepholme and Uldum saw enough action to cover the mid-levels. Twilight Highlands has only just been opened. Kai opted though to begin her Molten Front assualt. She needs a truck load of embersilk cloth for her tailoring, so will be farming as much as possible along with the dailys. Kai had enough cloth saved up though, due to Sol and Khrox, that she was able to begin buying some of her patterns the moment she entered the Highlands.

Khrox and Cle have been on vacation during Kai's growth splurt. During that time, Ariannia had joined the family ranks, and Sol has been tip-toeing in and out of retirement. Sol is remaining true to his loner status, sporting only his Explorer title and related tabard. Up until the other day, the only sightings of him were fleeting, as he quickly did some transmute and mixed up batches of potions and flasks for the kids. But then he ventured out into Azeroth again, since Kilamdor is the zone location of his interests.

It started out quite innocently, with archaeology, and that long hunt for his Vial of the Sands receipe. But since Uldum holds rotation of dig sites with the whole of Kilamdor, it's a lot of traveling and time. He finally unearthed another common in Uldum, only to have his second rare search pop up, instead of the sought after canopic jar. /#$%^&!!! Oh well. There's still that thing about Loremaster to consider. Ugh!

Somewhere around the Shattering time, all of Sol's quests in Kilamdor got lost to the changes. Not a one to be found. The Eastern Kingdoms isn't much better off. The only things salvageable from those times were his various faction rep standings. All things considered, Loremaster is going to be one long haul, even with the newly designed quest lines. Even though he can fly through the zones and just drop in where needed. Even though he's level capped. The problem lies in me staying focused enough to travel with him. He did manage to get enough done in Darkshore to gain the companionship of Mr. Withers though. The archaeology dig sites still ring loud in his ears though. Oh, and he did send an order to Khrox for a beginning set of leather pvp gear, since his current pve set is sooooo outdated. Although he somehow managed to get himself phased out of some needed quests in Mt. Hyjal to open up the Molten Front, the Hero's Call board in SW was kind enough to offer him a Call of the Ancients quest. This would allow him to finish the two quest lines needed to open up the Firelands dailys. A stroke of luck(?), I would say.

"Go with honor, friend"


  1. Oh wow, that is one great outfit! And she didn't even have to use transmogrification to get it!

  2. Thank you! It really is a good looking outfit, she especially likes the hat. Between 78 and 85, she crafted each piece as she could until it finally came together.

  3. what was the name of that island where the cat people lived again?