12 November 2011

Blogs and bloggers and commenters....

...gosh, does that sound kind of familure to anyone?

"I Haz Google Reader!" Yes, I admit to using such a convienance with wild abandon. So much so that at least twice a year I attempt to organize and clean it out from all the RSS feeds I aquire quite frequently. There is no hope. It is what it is.

I've been reading WoW blogs a whole lot longer than I've been blogging, although evidence of such is very scarce. All this blog reading though is why I enjoy the reader so much. It's just a nifty one stop shop where I can see anything anyone has possibly posted without having to go through an abundance of website visits. My reading time is generally pretty late in the evenings, if I haven't already tired to much, so it just sorta-kinda works for me. As the theory goes for "all that goes up".....the downside of a reader is that I seldom, rarely, comment on the blogs I read so regulary. In fact, I'm fairly sure there are some I've never commented on.

My readers' bloglist of feeds is concentrated on WoW blogs, which range from the technical theorycrafting type to the more personal outlooks of the game. I've long since gone through the tech phase of my game play, so those blogs generally get a glance over unless there's been a significant size patch or new Xpac. There's quite a number of class specific writers out there, which are always helpful in one way or another, especially when I need a quick once-over for a new alt. There's also a group of bloggers who have played the game forever, have gone through many changes over that time and their blogs are a mix of viewpoints which are always interesting reads. Lastly, but far from being the least, are the more personal blogs of tastes and insights over the game. I shouldn't forget to mention the story blogs. I've been enjoying these here and there, and try to keep up as best I can.

Obviously, I got quite a range of blog reading that I enjoy hours and hours of time doing. There's even something of a list of blogs which I only use the reader as a quick notice of postings, since I just click through to the site anyway. What bothers me the most some days though, is the realization that I seldom ever take a moment to, if nothing else, say "hello, nice post!", or something. Yes, I am one of those silent types who's been reading your blog and never leaving a comment.

I'm not sure if I could ever really change this situation to something more likeable, and I won't bore you with the why-fors. This just happens to be one of those things I always want to get around to but never seem to get there. For now though, I'm going to give out a little "link-love" as I understand it to be. A small peek at some of the blogs I read, and maybe a little 'why' mixed in.

Tomb of the Ancient: This happens to be one of my regular click-throughs which I enjoy. Ancient, as I refer to her, seems to like going off on little WoW projects of sorts and writes about them as they are unfolding. She occasionally includes personal thoughts on game matters, but over-all, prefers to enjoy 'happy gaming time.' Her most recent successful project was Ironsally. Quite the challenging project and a great read, which begins here.

Red Cow Rise: I like reading Akabeko for several reasons, most always something there that sparks my interest. Lately, it's been "The Leatherworkers." Something of a story I've been enjoying, although I feel like I've missed some posts along the way somewhere and will have to go looking for them. Probably some of those nights I was too tired to read, lol.

Manalicious: Hmmm, I never miss her "art days." There is quite a bit more to Vidyala though. Okay, actually a whole lot more imo. So don't forget to check out the archives as well since there is a goodly amount of useful game info.

World of Saz: I first got to know a teenie bit about Saz through her blog when one of her "Horders" installments caught my eye. Then it was Fortune Fridays. And then....well...I don't miss any of her posts. A down-to-earth writer, in-game collecter of many things and always a pleasent read.

I think I can still refer to the next two blogs as being fairly 'new', at least for me. Both have been around quite some time although they've only recently have become regular reads for me. Who knows though? My memory isn't the best thing to rely upon :)

Kiss My Alas: Time to fess up. This is where lies the post that got me started on this self-analysis thing about not commenting enough. I have been reading Alas for a bit of time and enjoy the blog. I just fail at commenting. :(

The Rusty Blade: Another long time blogger I've only just come to know about and enjoy reading.

I guess that about sums up my little 'self-help' session for today. And no, I'm not going to add any insight about commenting as a whole since I obviously have to work on my own self. The above listings are in no way all-inclusive. I read A LOT OF BLOGS. I enjoy reading them, and appreciate the time each wonderfully talented writer sets forth to brighten my nights. "Great Posts- Thank you so very much!"


  1. Hiya, and thanks for then mention on The Rusty Blade. I was fearing I was writing only to myself sometimes lol. I enjoy dropping by here though, and many of the blogs you have mentioned I too regularly read for the same reasons. I would also reccomend Big Butt Bear, Sheep the Diamond and Shattered Beginnings as both fun and insightful blogs on the list.


  2. Hi Sol, thank you for the lovely description! I know I'm guilty of lurking and not commenting too.

    So many times another commenter has written what I would have, but more eloquently but I need to learn to at least say "great post!"

    And I'm hooked on Saz's http://slashpounce.blogspot.com/ story. I have to stop myself from being rude and asking her is the next chapter ready, huh, huh, is it!

  3. Hi-thank you Mhorgrim and Ancient, and you're very welcome!

    @ Mhorgrim, lol, I've been reading BBB in like...forever? Love his candid ways. I'll have to look in on the other two.

    @ Ancient, so good to see you again! Pretty much the same here, need to make more efforts in at least saying "Hi! Nice post" And thanks for the reminder, I've been meaning to get back to Saz's other blog and see what's going on.

  4. Thank you for the link! The first LW story was with the Lasherweave set, so there haven't been all that many yet. I intend to go back and start from tier 1 when I have caught up to the current tier.

    I also read a ton of blogs, including the ones you linked. Sometimes I get really behind, but I just can't bear marking them all read...what if I miss something amazing??

  5. @ Red Cow

    You're welcome! I enjoy reading your blog.
    Lol, I have the same difficulty with the reader getting full sometimes. If I miss a night or two I can't just mark them off.
    Looking forward to more stories from the LW's!