15 November 2011


It's dark time here. It's kinda-sorta late, I'm tired, and you probably know those feelings. Along with the one that's poking at you to start a post because your mind got zapped over something you read somewhere. Yes. This is that kind of post.  :)

Having finished up my regular blog reading for the night, I wandered over to MMO Champion to check out any news. Wasn't much I had'nt already seen, until one of the forum subjects up top caught my eye. I'll not bother to link the original post for you though. If you really feel like wading through it, the topic of so-called discussion was about a suitable Alliance battlecry.

For the most part, I was just going to see if anything new popped up about this old subject. After wadeing through eleven (11) pages of factional bias and childish whatever, I did enjoy a laugh out of one poster who suggested, "For Blanchy!" To be fair though, there were a couple of posters who did attempt to insert some more serious lore-based thought into the *ahem*, discussion. That about covers the background for this post.

As most readers probably already know by now, the vast majority of my years in WoW have been on Alliance characters. It happens to be what I started out with, and apparently have been mostly satisfied with, as a citizen in Azeroth. The Horde battlecrys, and there are several good ones, are well known. I don't know of any Alliance battlecry that really seems well suited, at least in my opinion. Unless something really breaks loose in the upcoming content patch, or even the next expansion, we may never know why this is the way it is.

Advisory # 1: Anything I say is of my own fragmented thoughts and opinions, take them with a grain of salt. (or maybe two asprine and call back in the morning)

Advisory # 2: Any talk about what may or may not be coming into the game, is nothing more than "talk." Even I take it with a grain of salt until it actually appears in game. (Stampede?)

Okay. So maybe the Alliance is getting a bit closer to being more unified. Although many of the races have fought many battles together, the various leaders have always seemed "independant", through my eyes. Now, I know this exists to some extent within the Horde. It merely seems much more out-in-the-open, with the Alliance. Supposedly, the war between Horde and Alliance is going to greatly escalate in the coming expansion. Already, many 'world pvp'ers,' are sitting on the edge of their computer seats drooling, from what I read. Supposedly, King Varian steps up and somehow becomes "High King", bringing more unity to Alliance forces. Do you think we'll finally get a decent battlecry out of this? Something that will actually rally Alliance players across the board? Who knows? It's WoW, after all. I hear that all the little companion pets we've collected all these years are going to become "combatant pets."

All kidding and what-not aside. I would love for the Alliance to have some sort of resounding battlecry at least equal in nature and viciousness to that of the Hordes'. Something that I could macro and /y in battlegrounds to strike fear into enemy hearts, rally the troops into button-mashing frenzies and . . .until it happens . . .it's all . . ."talk".

Happy gaming everyone!  or killing, or collecting, or farming, or ...


  1. I know, I've always wished for a stirring battle cry. I can't think of any either.

    Maybe the problem is the language. I think maybe we should let the Dwarves come up with something in the dwarven language.

    Yelling something like Khaz Modan or Bael Modan sounds pretty good. Those dwarves should get to work on thinking something up for us.

  2. I'd vote for the Dwarves to figure it out. After all, they're always asking everyone, "Are ye lookin for a fight?" And we could probably offer them a supply of ale for their troubles, lol!!