17 November 2011

White Ribbon

I have sort of a general "self-rule" about not getting into public discussions about certain things. You know the kind, like politics and/or religion. Those kinds of things that always end up very heated, to say the least.

This is not to say that I don't have thoughts, opinions, or even take a stand on issues. But my voice is my own and as such, I generally respect other peoples right to their own. In the meantime, I do as I believe. Period.

Short story: Regular readers know that I am male, and 'considerablely older' than many players and bloggers. And it is from this rl  'old school' which I speak from now. Back in the day, it was quite common for many parents to teach their male children that it was very wrong to hit a female. No matter what, you just didn't do that. This little golden rule really set in for me during my late pre- and early teen years. Even now, it would be difficult at best to try and describe to you the feelings and burdens I went through seeing a so-called 'father' (always drunk) beating my Mother. You just don't hit women. It does not make you a "Man."

Now, I realize that my little short story isn't closely related to what's on my mind tonight. Although, I think one could see where one thing easily leads to another. Point being, I have my thoughts, opinions and feelings when it comes to violence towards women.

[Trigger warning: Links contain discussion of rape and violent assault.]

Take time to read this post at Apple Cider Mage: "When Blogging Imitates Real Life Rape Culture"

From her hospital bed, The Gold Queen writes.

~Alyzande, love, hugs, and well wishes for strong and speedy recovery.~ Solitudeone

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