18 November 2011

Thanksgiving Event at Blog Azeroth

There is this really good thing going on over at Blog Azeroth. It is a blogger's Thanksgiving Event. Now then, not only is this event filled with thoughtfulness and kindness, there is also a contest going on with it that bloggers can participate in as well.

So head on over to Blog Azeroth, ( like really quick ) and get all the details from Amerence' post at BA.

And btw, if you clicky on the turkey thing in the right hand column area, it goes to "Amerence Love WoW" blog post about this event. And if you don't already know about "Amerence Love WoW", then you're in for an extra little treat :)

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011


  1. Happy Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving to all those alts Sol!

  2. ...and all the kids wanted me to make sure to wish Ironsally and you a Happy Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving as well. (they were rather insistant) Well wishes Ancient One!