19 November 2011


IntPiPoMo, (International Picture Posting Month) is the challenge started by Angelya over at Revive and Rejuvenate. The challenge actually started early on this month, but there are enough days left that you could possibly finish. Except of coarse, for me. LOL, I get distracted so easily. /sigh

But I do love me some screenies so I'm going to have a go at it. You can still get in on the fun and gather all the details at this post.

So on to my first posting. Screenies 1-5: Durotar, as seen through the eyes of a young Troll.

Darkspear Training Grounds
Sen'jin Village
Sunset at Sen'jin Village
At rest in The Valley of Honor-Org
Ok, so the last one for today is slightly outside of Durotan. But Crazzal did enjoy the view!
High above Ratchet
I've really been enjoying the IntPiPoMo posts I've seen around the community. So hop on it to the challange. I'd love seeing your screenies.

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