20 November 2011


This is the second set of Angelya's IntPiPoMo Challenge. You can get all the details by using the link.

Crazzal had to take a bit of a side-trip today, to Undercity. He had never been so far from home before, although he had heard many stories about the other land across the great waters. The promise of a bountiful feast being available was enough incentive for him to pack his bag for travel. He did manage to take a small tour and gather some tourist pics for us.
Entry to Undercity
Undercity's Bountiful Feast
All the flying machines come here.

There were so many Undead going about, Crazzal was surprised to find a cemetary in Brill.
Tarren Mill-stories of the past filled his ears.

Hammerfall-Crazzal found this zone quite interesting for some reason.

Until next we meet,

Enjoy your game!


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