21 November 2011

Almost a day off!

Monday night and the usual. I'm checking the service forum to see about schedualed maintenance. Rolling restarts, again.

What with the current PvP season close to an end now, and the Deathwing patch release most likely as soon or nearby, my Alliance mains have been resting up. I've been off for a time playing some Horde characters, learning about lore and things from their perspective. This isn't just some little whim or such. I fully intend to level cap a couple of "Hordies." I'm also going through several realm servers to see which will work out the best for this project. And if that's not enough to do, I really should take a look and clean house a bit on my regular servers. You guessed it, bank alts all over the place, about to be out of work.

Back to my new Horde project though. So far, on one PvE/neutral server, there are three. Two Undead (spriest and mage), and one Troll hunter. In the beginning of this I did the usual scientific stuff for selecting which races to play, wholly based upon what I thought I liked or disliked after fighting so many of them on PvP servers. Belfs, no way, ever. Orcs, maybe after I've been everywhere else. DK's of any sort, no, I like leveling. Goblins, tried one once, gone at level 8. Tauren, a pretty fair possibility, may yet happen. Anyway, the lore and the history behind Undead and Troll won out as starters. That's about as scientific as I get anymore.

About the server choices. Mostly shots in the dark on those picks. I did take some time to check out various realm populations and activity ratios. Recalled a few server names I've seen floating around the WoW blog community, and picked three to start with. One is already down, just didn't seem to be a compatable fit with me. My other choice for now has a lone Troll hunter started, he just made level 11 today.

There are a lot of choices to make with this little project of mine. And it seems like there is always something that needs to be done. Trying to level new characters on unknown servers with no mains to watch over or help them out, sheeeze!! How the heck did I ever get through all this waaay back when I first came into this game? A six-slot bag drops from a mob and I practically squee with delight! And that really great NPC over there actually gave me a silver piece for killing 20 tallstriders to collect 6 beaks. He was so nice about it. Even provided me with another repetitive kill quest. Good thing though, I can skin all these beasties for my own use. He's just gonna have to up the payment though. . . I NEED TRAINING!!!

Decisions, decisions. /sigh It's been quite interesting so far, and fun. I really enjoyed the Undead starter quests. Lots of story line going on there. The Troll starter quests, well, they just seemed to be a bit of a let down after doing the Undead. You get shoved off into "For the Horde" quests rather quickly, to quick in my opinion. I'm hoping more of their history and lore shows up pretty soon. I would like to have seen a little more involvement with Vol'jin, than there was. Probably just me though. I'm sure the two little Troll hunters will find their way soon enough.

That about wraps up this Monday night of random thoughts. If you're feeling a bit helpful though and would like to suggest a realm server for my little project, please, feel free to do so in the comments. My thoughts about a server are simple. Either Eastern or Central US time zones (I'm eastern), PvE/neutral (so I can flag for PvP at will). Relatively faction balance/activity. My general play time, is day time, along with scattered opportunities of late afternoons and weekends. Okay, TMI. lol. But if you happen to have a suggestion go ahead and mention it.

Enjoy your game! ~Sol


  1. Aside from Fenris, this info isn't current because I took a long break from the other servers to level Ironsally so they may have changed.

    As my mother used to say (but not about wow servers) Fenris is a server only their mother could love, lol. I love it cause it's where I started. It's hard to tell how balanced the factions are since we don't hang out together anymore.

    I have a few horde characters on Garrosh, I liked it at the time but haven't been back for a while.

    I have a few on Elune, an older server. Alliance side was very nice, don't have any horde there.

    These are all eastern time servers, if you decide to roll on any, let me know, I'm always ready to start a new character!

  2. Thanks for the tips Ancient :)

    I'm floating about on a couple of new (to me) servers atm. Fenris happens to be one, I have a young (lvl 15) troll hunter working N.Barrens. The other three Hordes' are over on Medivh doing so-so. Nothing really set in stone so far, so anything is still possible.

    I'll take a peek at Garrosh and Elune, fairly soon. In the meantime,
    wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh! Wait up!I have a level 75 warlock, a lvl 17 mage (who I'm just not getting into) and a new lvl 5 druid on Fenris.

    I finally decided I just didn't like playing a male character and the worgen gave up his spot for the troll druid.

    Her name is Tajmacat, give her a whisper if you see her!

  4. Tajmacat, I'll certainly give her a whisper!

    Holiday play time is a little sporadic for me, but I will be watching for her. Who knows? They might make a good team ransacking the Barrens, lol.
    The hunter's name is Birzak.