22 November 2011

IntPiPoMo # 3

This is the third set of the IntPiPoMo Challenge, click the link for details.

Esie started her day with the intention of discovery in mind. It took awhile, a long while. She got side-tracked doing some of the Pilgrims' Bounty achievements. As good an excuse as any to be bouncing all around Azeroth!

Hmmmm, not a good day for fishing?

The Faerie Circle from above.

Waiting for the faeries'

Hmmm, not a good day for flying either.

The Seer's Library-Esie loves books.

Esie meets a younger Hellscream

Khrox' first meeting with Thrall
Easter eggs and warchiefs. There is so much left to be discovered. Take time to enjoy every aspect of the game. You just never know what might show itself.

Enjoy your game!  ~Sol

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