25 January 2012


This is my second week of irratic game play time. Aaarrrrrrrrgh! Even Blizz is messin' wit me, can't make up der minds wit the maintenance schedual days. What the heck.

So it's back to work on a new blog header image today, along with some scattered readings. We all know I'm not a raider....yet. That doesn't stop me from reading blogs by people who do raid quite well and successfully. Someday, the information will come in handy I'm sure. This morning I was treated to a thoughful posting over at World of Matticus. Aygaren is 61 now, and still struggling to start tanking dungeons. Thoughts of Black Temple and Illidan are in the back of his mind, barely noticeable. I have to wonder though if places such as Ulduar, will amaze him as much in the future, as they did for those who saw them in real time. Maybe the LFR will be available for him by the time he gets to that level.

Having just started in Outland though, there are several other things on his mind. Such as the Bloody Rare achievement. Many of the alt kids have quite a spread of rare kills under their belts, but not one holds this achievement. He also got some kind of bug inside his new plate armor and feverishly traveled wide and far Honoring the Elders. There are a couple of stray Alliance ones still giving him headaches though!

Back to the Bloody Rare thing. By way of another blogger's blogroll, we've come across a little gem to help out clearing Outland of rares. "WoW Rare Spawns Guide." As luck would have it, she is currently posting the Outland zones. This is a great find. Very detailed information on the rares, spawn points and paths, and videos!

Transmoggie stuff: Sure, at lvl 61 and greatly limited dungeon experiance, Ay doesn't have a stash of great looking gear laying around. But his eyes are wide open watching for possibilities for future use. He recently made a special trip to Winterspring to find an out-of-the-way vendor who held a cool looking sword blacksmithing plan. Which he kindly shared for eight (8) shiny gold pieces. It's got a fair sized material list to smith one, but it does look really good and has potential. Ay's still holding on to that shield he likes from Feralas, it may or may not look so good with the sword, time will tell. He's also still at soloing earlier dungeons, so other stuffs may pop up unexpectedly. LOL, he may turn out to be hap-hazard unique looking!

Okay, as my rambleings finish up here and you're ready to move on to more saner readings, I'll leave you with this mornings' Breakfast Topic at WoW Insider. Going through the comments, I just had this: "OMG! I know all these people!"
Traveling through Darkshore

Have fun everyone, cyl!

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  1. WoW Rare Spawns Guide is terrific, it's become my one stop for rare information.

    My main has one more dungeon Elder to get and then I promised my Undead Warlock she could try to visit 50 Elders to get tokens for that Lunar Festival pet!