22 January 2012

New Stuffs!

New stuff ahead!

I don't know too much about you, but I like to read bloggers "About" pages, if they have one. Which is why my own page has been a consistant, sub-consious thorn in my side in like, forever? Questions like "what" and "how much" do I write there plague me. After all, I'm just another player in a sea of millions. Maybe average, maybe not quite, who knows.

Over the past couple of days I've been intent on drafting a "real" about page. It's done now, more or less. Long wall of text though. I'll try to add some intermitent screenies as I go along. If you're feeling like one of Azeroth's Heros who dare to tread anywhere, feel free to go have a read. But, maybe take a snack and drink with you!

I'm also working silently on a new blog header image, one which I feel will be more agreeable with MJ's post contents. So don't be surprised or think you've stumbled into the wrong place sometime when it changes. Even the layout is self-adjusting these days, lol.

As always, drop a comment if you so wish. I really don't bite, or any other such thing. Unless you're a troll of sorts. Fair warning. Just saying.

I hear Aygaren yelling for my attention. He's trekking around in early Outland and likes to drag me along. Soooo, happy gaming all. CYL!


  1. On my! I checked and Aygaren has left me in the dust. 30 levels ahead. I should never have done that dual-spec healer thing. Every time I do it scares me off.

    Okay, you'll probably be 75 in a day or so maybe my Warlock can met up with you. Getting her to 85 is another bucket list thing of mine.

    Better get my cat to give the Warlock back that heirloom staff since it's evident that the Druid is too scared to heal so she doesn't need it!

  2. LOL, Aygaren will be quite a bit slower now that he's in Outland! Besides, he spent the whole day yesterday gathering up elder visits all over Kalimdor. May be Wednesday before he recovers from attempting the three alliance elders..he died a lot.