18 January 2012

Those Little Pleasures

Every so often, you just have to sit back and relish those simple, little pleasures and surprises that happened your way seemingly out of nowhere. Such as, a very young Aygaren on his very first trip into the new Darkmoon Faire on it's first day. And lucky enough to fish up the Sea Pony.

Then there's the more subtle surprises which magically appear. I had no clue DBM kept such records, and made such announcements.

Deadly Boss Mod announcement
And after all those years of sneaking, nose-dives and stealthing into Org on Alliance toons to no avail, only to have about the newest Hordie finally turn in this catch. Fourth cast, doing a simple fishing daily.
We must not forget all those odd little sights along the way as well. Like bears stuck in trees.

Interesting, yet meaningful cave decor:

Or those off-road little get-aways where you can just fish and drink the day away:

Nat Pagle's Island
 And sometimes, a particular piece of quest reward gear just looks awesome to you. So much so, this shield waits in the bank for much later transmog use:

So tell me friends. What little odd-strange-simple-unusual memories do you hang on to?


  1. Old Crafty!! Congratulations! Aygaren must be one hot-shot fisherman!

    My girls all hold on to strange and wonderful, and yes, useless things. My Warlock keeps her Grand Spellstone that's useless now because she used to love making them to apply to her weapon.

  2. Hiya Ancient! We do tend to hold on to strange and often useless things in game. I'm sure due to some little memory we have from that 'time back when'.

    I'm sure if I dug around everybody's little treasure stash there would be some interesting finds. The horde "brothers" are all quite new yet, but I've noticed several have stowed away copies of "Peeling the Onion."

    Thank Earth Mother for Void Storage?