17 January 2012

Bucket List? No way!

I find myself with some 'away-from-game' time, two days this week and possibly two days next week. Unusual for me, though perhaps for unknown reasons it has it's purpose for being so. We shall see.

I'm not one for making those new year resolution lists. Or "bucket lists." /lol At my current 'state-of-the-union', I'd be lucky to maintain enough focus to get through one project at a time. It's all good anyway. It's kinda sorta like randoms. Just never know what's going to happen until you (I) get there.

Not that I don't have little things I try to accomplish, either in game or here, on the blog.

About the blog: I have been making some headway with sorta dressing it up a bit. Like adding that screenie of tree leaves from the Darkmoon Faire Isle as a background. It'll probably change from time to time though as different images grab my momentary attention. :) I've never really been satisfied with my attempts at an "About" page here. I really need to spend some time with that this week. Just don't hold your breath in the meantime! Then there's my blog reading lists...yes, multiple lists. They could stand a bit of cleaning up and organization. The one positive move I've made thus far, is to make sure I comment on at least one blog I regulary read each day. I enjoy reading so many WoW blogs, I should at least let authors know their efforts are appreciated. My thoughts at least.

In game: A whole other world of multiple lists of things I attempt from time to time. I really cannot remember the number of alts I've created over the years and all their specific purposes in mind at the time. Off-hand, I'd venture to say that the current number of characters is between 20 and 25. Many are also collecting dust atm, lol.

Aygaren is the main attention getter. He's just leveling way to fast though while practicing his skills enough to feel confident about entering random dungeons as a tank. I need to cut off his supply of XP for a bit. As soon as I figure out how to, anyway. Some of his practice has included going solo on early level dungeons, imagining a group with him. How he positions things and where a possible group may be positioned. Other practice has been with world questing, but gathering up 3-4 mobs at a time instead of just single targets.

Achievements: a source of constant distractions. As with collecting companion pets and sometimes mounts. These need to be channeled more effectively, somehow. Over the years, the sum of all characters would perhaps easily compile at least two Loremaster titles, but no single character holds said title. The same condition exists for pets, mounts and possibly all the faction exalted reps. One would think by now that I'd have at least one character with several desirable titles. Alas, I don't. It would be nice I think to finally rectify these conditions. Someday. What's that I hear? It's almost time for the Lunar Festival to begin?

So the cause for all this rambling on is due to my own distinct random ways of doing things. I have a lot of fun with the game for sure, which is good. Although, I would also like to be better at it overall. Someone needs to shoulder the responsibility for this change.

I'm looking at you, Aygaren.


  1. I know what you mean. While I never make resolutions in the real world I do seem to make a "bucket list" in WoW when the long wait for the next expansion comes.

    I started trying to fix up my blog but the only thing I accomplished was putting in a "dog" sub directory. It's always important to locate dog pictures easily, lol!

  2. Bucket lists, I have so many that I lose them all and then have to resort to making new ones! Usually once I do this though I manage to find the old one, cross things off, then promptly forget to use it again. A vicious cycle of paper waste really.

    Love the new background by the way. It's very fall and I dig it.

  3. Hello Ancient and Saz! Hope you're having a great day.

    I probably should be a little more focused by making lists, or at least one to go by. :)
    LOL, I just usually get distracted rather easily.
    But this year, I really hope to accomplish some PvE goals. *crosses fingers?