24 March 2012

It Is What?

Things are really hectic on the home front today. The computer with game on it decided to take another vacation, maybe permanately.

Anyway, I'm doing a fresh install on a temporary laptop set-up mixed with desktop monitor-keyboard and mouse. Sould prove interesting if everything finally gets downloaded with the game.

In the meantime, I dealing with slight depressions over possibly losing all my screenshots and other associated game/blog files, which I obviously never took the time to back up on disk. Time will tell though, and we'll move on as best we can.

We'll be returning to posting in near future, hopefully with interesting stuffs for a change--lol!


  1. Oh no! I hope everything works out well. I know, I don't why I'm so optimistic and never properly back up my screen shots. I hope you manage to recover them.

    Got my fingers crossed!

  2. still waiting for game downloads to finish, lol. it's turned into an all day project. time will tell all things!
    now un-cross those fingers and go kill some dragons :)

    *thank you*