20 March 2012

Gone Wild

Yes, I've been really slack around here, once again! Not totally without good reason though. Aygaren has gone a bit off his usually calm approach to things lately. I think it had something to do with his stress over not jumping into the dungeon finder.

Not wishing to be left out of everything, he's been on a rampage soloing Classic and Burning Crusade dungeons. Along with doing his obligatory Firelands dailys with a mix of Tol Barad dailys. Toss in a couple of battleground appearances and you'll get a picture of his strange actions.

Ay did manage to take his auto-camera with him on some of his adventures. Oh, and he does claim to have a method behind his madness. For what that's worth? As far as the Classic Dungeons, he has only two left to do. Those would be the Stockades in Stormwind, and Gnomergan. Says he's saving those for his adventure partner to join in on the fun doing Alliance runs :)

He's had quite a romp through Outland though and enjoyed every moment of it.
One of the Coilfang runs
Who could ever forget Murmer's Staff?
Weird creatures from one of the three dungeons
surrounding Tempest Keep
The glass-like walkways and colors
More weird creatures abound!
Emperor Aygaren
Hanging out with Medivh
Everything proved to be very interesting to do and the sights from places he's never been were amazing. Hopefully, all this running about will prepare him better for the Cata instances, which he would like to try with groups alongside. His rampage through these dungeons though has also been duly noted in his records.
official screenshot
It looks and feels good
On a side note, Aygaren actually did one of those transmogging thingys this past week. He was wearing/using this Twilight Mirrorshield he obtained from a quest. Pretty good shield he says. But kind of not so good looking. During one of his many dungeon runs this past week he happened to come up with the Silvermoon Crest Shield. He really liked the looks of it so much better that he spent the 14 gold and some silver pieces to change the look.
Just sooo much better looking now!
I worry about Ay though. Now that he's found those transmogging folks in Org, he may just be changing his whole appearance.

So, that is what's been happening the past week or so. Ay has been taking his Fenris "main" position to heart and setting examples for the rest of the crew. I hear that Dufit has been expressing some concerns over all this. Rumor has it that he wants to better Ay in several ways, lol. And rumor has it also that Ay has set sights on Northrend dungeons now. My o' my. Where will it all end up?


  1. Oh no! Now that Ay's been bitten by the transmog bug he'll be spending all his money on looking good!

  2. Hey Ancient! I was concerned about Ay doing just that, but then he wandered off into some other projects of interest. It might be safe until he decides to go into Cata dungeons!