11 March 2012

Random SS Day

Image heavy post: best viewed on site

I felt like writing a post this early morn, this 6:24am I can't sleep morn. Then I realized I had nothing awesome to write about. Gone are the days of dozens of notes laying about in such disorganized fashion, since I couldn't remember what was where anyway. Perhaps I should rez that old habit and patch it up a bit to being more useful. *note to self: ignor thoughts about making notes again* Okay, that's settled now.

What we do have today for your random wanderings, is some random screenshots! Aygaren said something about being busy the rest of the weekend, and into the next week, so he offered up a bit of time for the camera.

Go Aygaren!!! The first Horde to reach level 85.

A little Dark Moon Faire fishing with friend Sasche.

Showing off his hard earned DMF mount.

More rare kills for the growing list.

And, after all these years, Aygaren was the one who finally fished up the rat, whom he now calls "Henry", for good reason.


  1. Oh wow! Sasche has similiar screen shots! She'll have to show her's too.

    She is just a little jealous of Henry, what a fine looking rat, she better get busy catching up on her fishing skills!

    1. for some strange reason that old song about "henry the eighth" came into mind when Ay caught that rat. Probably just remembering all the time spent since wrath came out on numerous characters trying to catch him!! LOL

      Adventuring with Sasche has been fun! :) even fishing for that sea pony.