28 December 2010

The View from Above

Cataclysym has brung a seemingly endless expanse of changes to our world. So many, that I would have doubts if any one player is able to experience all of them. Some are quite drastic and evident, even from a distance. Others are subtle, they kind of sneak up on you from the rear and tap your shoulder in one of those "I got you" shock waves.

One very grateful surprise, especially for an addicted explorer, is the newly trained old world and Cata flying ability. To roam about at will, to forge into the little or unknown nooks and crannys slightly hidden away from all the mainstay quest lines. To be able to see things from a totally different perspective, the "View from Above."

These are the thoughts Sol had during a recent Kilimdor zone jumping exercise in archeology exploration. What first caught his eye, was Southshore. It was a terrible quest hub for him back then, what with the constant ganking and daily shut-down, literally. Horde would totally wipe out everything including the NPC's. Now, Southshore lies in ruins. Enjoy this little Hillsbrad tour. Perhaps it'll bring back some memories for you as well.


  1. I totally agree, and I thank you for the beautiful screenshots. One of the really good things the Cataclysm as brought us is the beautiful graphics of both the old world and the new zones... Flying in the old world really has a different feeling than flying in Northrend.

  2. Hello Kreaton! Thank you for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the screenshots.